DAFUQ is this? Cow?

DAFUQ is this? Cow?

Ok, let`s talk about Kim Kardashian. From bulgarian point of view. Which as I may ensure is the Balkans point of view. Including Ukraine`s point of view and also Russian point of view. I am pretty sure entire Asia and Africa will share too. If it`s not too much I’d say it`s over 90% of the world`s population point of view.

We don`t care about Kim Kardashian. I never knew who she was, I never wanted to learn who she is. In fact noone really gives a fuck about her.

What is she famous for? I don`t know. Noone in Bulgaria knows. I could bet that 0.1% of the population actually knows what is she famous for. In fact, the only thing I know about her is that she is posting nude pictures and porn movies with herself. So I`d guess she is famous for showing how someone is actually f*king her. Way to go, Kim. Keep it up.

The doubt! So she is famous for having sex(like noone else on this planet is having). But come on. Look at her. Just look at her. She looks like a pregnant cow. Judging on the picture, she weights at least 70kg. And now compare it to the fact, that really attractive women(that I could have interest in) are in the range 45-55kg. Just based on the fact that my weight is 65-70kg.

Yeah, maybe if I was a 100-120kg I would be attracted by 70kg cow. Let me think about it. Mmmmm. No. I wouldn`t. My friends int he range 70-100kg like 50kg girls. My friends in the range 100-130kg like 50kg girls. Why would the fuck I like a 70kg cow even if I am 120kg? No way.

Maybe if I am 200kg I will be afraid I may accidentally smash my girlffriend and pick something around 70kg. Sadly, 99.9% is under 200kg. So this is a sad situation for the cows out there. Or maybe it`s different in Murica. Ok, keep her there and hide her from the rest of the world.

The itch. Day after day, week after week, month after month they are filling the news – Kim Kardashian that, Kim Kardashian this… You know, the first three or four years it was funny in the comment section. You could read things like “What is this whale famous for?”, “Is her ass big enough to generate it`s own gravity field?” or “There is enough material to make 2 girls out of this one, but I doubt about the brain part”.

This comments slowly turned into “Why are you showing us this cow again?”, “Has she gotten fatter or the camera now is able to capture all of her?”. And into despair: “Not this again” and “Better publish a recipe for tea”.

So in the end… I would like to ask. Why the hell you keep showing her to us? Why do you bother our minds with her? She is a complete waste of time. Ugly fat cow, which has done nothing but leaking porn videos of herself. Genius! I bet I can find you 50 girls which will fit into this description in my neighbourhood. In the next 1 hour. If I wanted. But I don`t want. I also don`t want to hear anything about Kim any more. So please stop.